Ethical, Beautiful and Ageless

At Oran Leather, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful leather goods, at affordable prices, in an ethical way.

We love designing and creating new collections every season, both for men and ladies. We have an ever-growing collection, often pieces evolve from one season to the next, adding seasonal colours and smaller or larger versions.

Oran Handbags.

While we are proud of the finished products, our designs and collections, we are most proud of the ethical way in which we conduct our business and the suppliers we use. We are constantly striving for cleaner lower environmental impact. We are in the process of creating processes for greater social and economic difference for the makers of our products. Our social, ethical and environmental commitment, both with our staff here in Australia, as well as our manufacturers is paramount.

We work with a number of factories in India, all of which work with a social and economic commitment to all their workers. Fair wage, working conditions and working hours are at a high standard. Health and safety standards are in place and responsibility is taken to ensure workers safety and conditions.

Oran Leather prohibits the use of underage workers by our factories in the manufacturing of any of our products.

All our leather is ethically derived, and is the bi-product of the animal.

Our factories endeavour to use all parts of the leather, using any scraps for smaller items or parts of the goods – pullets, tassels etc. There is no or minimal waste in the production.

The leather finish we use in our goods vary, and although the use of chemicals is unavoidable, we use vegetable dyes in the tanning process, reducing the amount of chemicals used and creating beautiful unique finishes.

Oran Leather has been on the Australian scene since 2001, Today Oran Leather is one of Australia’s leading wholesale leather goods companies, and for good reason. Oran Leather uses the highest quality, natural leather from some of the world’s oldest and best tanners in India, where the skills are passed down through the generations.

At Oran Leather we craft cutting edge, yet affordable and constantly changing classic pieces and fashion items. In 2012 Oran Leather launched the Rugged Hide product line to complement the existing designs. A range of unique, earthy products, which speaks understated beauty and distinct individuality.

We are proud of our excellent craftsmanship, quality fittings and natural hide. Our goods are individually handmade, so no two pieces are identical, each is a perfect match – made just for you.